LNRG Technology is promoting novel solutions for infrastructures and engages in planning and management of energy systems. LNRG Technology is obtaining expertise in market analysis, technology scouting and integration, project management, system design and engineering services, techno-economic modeling and performance evaluation for conventional and renewable electricity projects with expertise in photovoltaic technology. LNRG Technology aspires to position itself on the front line of innovation, operating based on the fundamental principle that knowledge promotes efficacy.

Market analysis

• Market analysis of technology trends, energy market and commodities.

• Assessing technologies and enterprises for investment purposes.

• Risk evaluation for the energy market, including utilization of non-linear predictive analysis.

Technology management

• Consulting to companies and decision makers on the topics of energy, resources and infrastructures.
• Technology scouting with expertise in energy innovation and infrastructures, including conventional and renewable energy, energy storage, smart mobility, etc.

• Technology integration and providing outsourced R&D services.

• Due diligence and upscale evaluation for industrial technology projects.

• Consulting on technological patentability.

Power plant inspection

• Techno-economic assessment and performance evaluation of energy facilities and projects for the purposes of upgrading and enhancing efficiency.

• Remote inspection and fault analysis of grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities using unique PVFIC methodology, best suitable for string and mini-central inverter systems (SMA, Fronius, etc).

System design and engineering

• Design and engineering of energy systems for power, thermal and transport sectors.

• Techno-economic modeling for conventional and renewable electricity generation and storage projects, with expertise in PV facilities.

• Developing customized energy system simulations

• Design of off-grid electricity systems, integrating solar PV and batteries.

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