Why LNRG Technology?

Why LNRG Technology?
LNRG Technology is positioned on the frontline of technology with a deep understanding of the opportunities and future risks in the local and global energy market. LNRG Technology is offering an objective quality service, thus paving the way for optimal selection of technological and engineering solutions for energy projects and optimal investment direction. Thoughout its activity, LNRG Technology has achieved a number of milestones in producing accurate projections for the energy market, including 2011 publishing of assumption regarding high devaluation of solar photovoltaic facilities, which proved true with collapse of solar panel prices within next two years and brought dramatic changes in the local and global solar market. Furthermore, in 2011 Leon Kraversky analyzed the activity of Better Place and pointed out the high operation cost of battery swapping technology as a possible barrier for technology penetration to the market, which essentially became one of the main reasons for enterprise failure. In December 2012, the economic impact of the newly developed Tamar Gas field was assessed in regard to the Israeli market - producing an accurate result of 1% surplus on GDP.


Who utilizes and cites LNRG Technology research?

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