Leon Kraversky
Technology Consultant since 2010 with expertise in energy innovation. Founder and general manager of LNRG Technology since 2014. Leon is responsible for the business strategy, techno-economic planning and leading industrial R&D projects. Leon is an expert in design and engineering of energy conversion systems, data processing and algorithmics and has a profound knowledge of the local and global energy market. Among his activities, Leon initiated several research projects, consulted to SunElectra and Kalisaya companies and provided advisory services to the South Korean government. Leon holds B.Sc in Chemistry and M.Sc in Nanotechnology & Biochemistry of the Tel Aviv University.

Oded Einat

Oded is responsible for the data management and energy and climate field within LNRG Technology since 2014. Oded has engaged in mathematical analysis and modeling of weather effect on energy facilities. Oded is involved in the meteorology and climate issues for several years and has accumulated knowledge on climate, weather prediction and weather data analysis. During 2014-15 Oded took part on the PEIC project for advanced assessment of solar facilities in Israel and takes part in Soltell project since 2017. Oded is a student for Geology and Atmospheric Sciences in the Open University.