Assembly of a miniature solar home with energy storage

Miniature solar home

Assembly of a functional miniature solar home equipped with two half-cell photovoltaic devices, combiner & wiring and a connector to an external power bank. The described model is designed to charge-up a standard 5V power bank via a USB DC connection. The described solution is NOT including charge controller and hence relies on internal power bank electronics to control the battery charging state. Energy electronics prototyping involves the development and testing of innovative electronic systems and devices aimed at optimizing energy generation, storage, conversion, and consumption. This intricate field merges principles from electronics engineering with energy science to create cutting-edge solutions for the efficient utilization of power resources. 

Please note that the assembly process requires quality materials and tools; improper assembly or bad parts can produce a failed model.


Required materials and parts:

1. A toy home model (wood or plastic);

2. Power bank with Li-ion cells 5V USB input;

3. DC-DC connector (to combine the PV cells);

4. A wire interconnector with micro type-b/type-c inteface from PV cells to the power bank;


For the demonstration, please watch the video.